21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (2023)

21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (1)

We've put together a collection of 21+ of the most beautiful Remembering Mom quotes to help you celebrate your life and your enduring love.

These mother quotes can be used in apraise, as a reading at a funeral or memorial service, or in a life-celebrating ceremony, or in a condolence card, orInvitation to the funeral service.

For easier orientation, we have divided our offers into the following categories:

  • Homage to a deceased mother
  • Condolences for mother
  • The loss of a mother quotes the daughter
  • Son is missing mother phrases

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21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (2)

Homage to a deceased mother

We are who we are because of our mother who gave us everything she could. Let our memories of our mother live forever.

when you talk about them

Unknown author

"If you talk about her,
don't speak with tears
for thoughts of them must not be sad.
Leave memories of times together
give you comfort
for his life was rich
because of you."


British novelist J.K. Rowling is the world's most famous author for having written theHarry PotterSerie.

One of the important themes of this best-selling series is how a mother's love protects us throughout our lives and even after her death.

loved so much

By J.K. Rowling

“Love as strong as your mother's
because you leave your own mark.
'Cause I was loved so much
Even though the person who loved us is gone
will give us some shelter forever.”


In your bookThe farewell quilt, contemporary author Susan Wiggs sums up what the loss of a mother can do.

lose a mother

By Susan Wiggs

“It has something to do with losing a mother
that is permanent and unspeakable
- a wound that
never quite


Laura Ingles Wilder, authorLittle house on the prairiebook series, this quote reminds us of how much joy a mother brings to our lives. Even after her death, the memory of that joy never fades.

To remember

By Laura Ingles Wilder

"Remember me with smiles and laughter,
because that's how I will remember you all.
If you can only remember me with tears
so don't remember me

21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (3)

Condolences for mother

British poet Robert Browning's simple funeral quote captures the essence of a mother's undying love.This beautiful quote can be read at a funeral or memorial service, or even a celebration of life.

mother's hug

Unknown author

"A mother's hug lasts long after she lets go."


A beautiful quote about the strong bond we have with our mother.

I still need my mother

"I still need you near me."

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Browning obviously loved his mother dearly and wrote often about the positive influence she had on his life. Here's another Browning quote perfect for a funeral or memorial service.


Von Robert Browning

All love begins
and there it ends.”


This tribute to a deceased mother was written by famous American short story writer Washington Irving. He exhorts us to be courageous in our grief, and that grief speaks as much about love as it does about hurt.

holiness in tears

Von Washington Irving

“There is holiness in tears.
They are not the sign of weakness
but of power.
You speak more eloquently
of ten thousand languages.
they are messengers
of overwhelming pain
and unspeakable love.”


American author Leo Buscaglia's short poem is filled with beautiful quotes about how our mother's love created lasting memories that define us and live on as we love others.

We love the line, "I'm sure we'll never lose her...a mother's love leaves an indelible mark."
in our memories” (paraphrased).

Their love leaves indelible marks

Von Leo Buscaglia

"I am sure
that we never lose the people we love
until death.
You continue to participate in all acts,
Thoughts and decisions we make.
Their love leaves indelible marks
in our memories.
We find solace in knowledge
that our lives have been enriched
for sharing their love.”


A beautiful sentence for a beautiful mother.

pretty soul

Unknown author

"Wherever there was a beautiful soul
It leaves a trail of fond memories.”


This popular country song is appropriate when someone we love has passed away. It beautifully expresses the feeling that we wish we could spend just one more day with her.

Another day

By Diamante Rio

"Another day
Once again
another sunset
maybe I'm satisfied.
but again
i know what i would do
still make me wish
for another day with you.”


The famous American poet Emily Dickinson describes succinctly that our love for our mothers does not end with death. This quote is short but sweet and could easily be used in a eulogy, sympathy card, or invitation to a funeral reception.

love is immortality

Von Emily Dickinson

"The beloved cannot die,
for love is immortality.”


American poet and playwright E.E. Cummings pays a wonderful tribute to a dead mother in this next famous poem.

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It speaks not only of the poet's love for his mother, but also of his father's love for his wife. She will always be the center of the family.

If there is heaven

Von E. E. Cummings

“There are heavens my mother (alone) will have.
It will be neither a pansy paradise nor a fragile lily of the valley paradise
but it will be a paradise of black red roses

my father will be (deep as a rose
big as a rose)

stood next to me

(silently swings over her)
with eyes that are really petals and see

nothing with a poet's face really that
it is a flower and not a face with
that whisper
This is my lover mine

(suddenly in the sunlight

he will bend

and the whole garden will bow)"


Popular American author and poet Mark Twain talks about how his mother's generosity knew no bounds.

This quote can be used at a funeral, memorial service, or ceremony celebrating the life of a mother known for her volunteer work and time spent helping those in need.

A heart so big

Por Mark Twain

"My mother had a slim and delicate body,
but a big heart
- such a big heart
that the joys of all are welcome in it,
and hospitable accommodation.”


21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (4)

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21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (8)

21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (9)

Losing a Mother Daughter Quotes

American actress Mariska Hargitay's quote about the loss of her mother, Jane Mansfield, reminds us of how mothers shape us, both in life and in death.

losing my mother

By Mariska Hargitay

"Losing my mother so young
it is the scar of my soul.
But I feel like it finally got me down
in the person I am today;
I understand the journey of life.
I had to go through what I did
be here."


Mitch Albom, American author oftuesday with morrie,Like other books about grief and loss, it describes how our love does not end but changes after death.

This quote expresses how a daughter (like a son) feels when she loses a beloved mother.

i love you every day

From Mitch Album

"I love you every day.
And now
I will miss you every day."


If your mother loved flowers, gardening, or the outdoors, this short, elegant quote would be perfect for a funeral or memorial service.

It can be read by your daughter at work, regardless of her age, as long as she wants a speaking role.

This special quote can also be added to a sympathy card or a note on a sympathy bouquet.

If I had a flower

By Claudia Gandhi

"If I had a single flower
'Cause every time I think of you
I could walk in my garden forever.”


Chilean-American author Isabel Allende's funeral quote about her mother is simple and beautiful. A mother reminds her daughter that if the love they shared is always remembered, death cannot tear them apart.

My mother explained

By Isabel Allende

"There is no death, daughter.
People only die when we forget them.”
explained my mother
just before she left me.
If you can remember me
I will always be with you."


If you have siblings you will appreciate this next funeral quote. It's amazing how mom always seemed to find time for each of her daughters and sons, hiding in a hug or a kiss when no one was looking.

She made every kid feel like number 1.

all your love

Unknown author

(Video) 21 Savage - a lot (Official Video) ft. J. Cole

“Because a mother is the only person on earth
Who can divide their love between 10 children
And each child still has all your love.”

21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (10)

Son is missing mother quotes

Famed English poet John Milton elegantly captures the inner and outer beauty we all see in our mothers in this moving funeral quote from a son.

heaven in your eyes

By John Milton

"Grace was in all his steps,
heaven in your eyes
in every gesture
dignity and love”.


This special funeral quote reminds us that mothers leave an incredible mark on our lives, a mark that stays with us and can never be erased. It perfectly captures how much a son (or daughter) misses their mother after she left.

hearts forever

Unknown author

"A safe mother
your children's hands for a while,
their hearts forever.”


Mahatma Gandhi, a politician and peace activist in India, was clearly a son who loved his mother. He shares those words of wisdom in this heartwarming quote.

Always in my heart

Von Mahatma Gandhi

"There are no goodbyes
wherever you are,
You will always be in my heart."


This next funeral quote from American poet and novelist Langston Hughes describes the difficult lives of some mothers and how they overcome this adversary and make their children strive for something better.

What a wonderful tribute to a mother who died of a child who benefited from her care and guidance.

mother to son

By Langston Hughes

"Well, my son, I tell you:
For me, life is not a crystal staircase.
It has rivets on it
and shrapnel,
And torn boards
And places without carpet!
but all the time
I have ascended
And reach 'landin',
And turn corners
And sometimes out and about in the dark
where there is no light
So, boy, don't back down.
Don't go down the steps.
Because you think it's harder.
Don't fall now!
'Cause I'm still walking baby
I'm still climbing
And life for me is not a crystal staircase.


This simple little quote illustrates what it means to be a mother - to know your child better than anyone else. This would be the perfect quote for a son to recite at his mother's funeral or memorial service.

A mother understands

Jewish proverb

“A mother understands
what a child doesn't say."


21+ quotes that remind you of mom | love lives on (11)

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