How to grow and trim the scruffy beard style (2023)

Ever wondered how these Hollywood stars pull off the laziest looks in the most spectacular ways? The truth is, those lazy looks are anything but lazy. There is an art to maintaining this aesthetic, and the same goes for unkempt beards.

A scruffy beard style is one that makes it look like your hair is growing naturally. Recently it has been dubbed "to the pandemic beard' as many men grew it during quarantine.

There are many reasons not to wear this type of facial hair. It allows for some smudging, requires less maintenance than regular beards, offers a masculine aesthetic, and looks stylish in all situations.

An unkempt beard looks different on everyone, especially since there are so many different sub-styles to experiment with. If one doesn't meet all your expectations, just try another. Some of these styles include the typically short unkempt beard, the thick, long unkempt beard, and the elegant unkempt goatee.

Trimming is an essential element in maintaining a scruffy look as a scruffy beard needs to be kept short to look scruffy. Once the beard grows too long, it moves out of the area of ​​the deformity and begins to look like a typical beard. There are certain methods of trimming an unkempt beard that we will cover later.

We've got all the tips, tricks, and guides to guide you through this new journey.

Why a shaggy beard?

Maybe you are a student who likes to go for a walk sometimes or a businessman who wants to exude a relaxed atmosphere. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home, devoted parent to your children. Anyhow, the scruffy beard might be just the thing for you.

One of the main reasons the unkempt beard is so popular is that it tends to smudge. Typically, the patches are symmetrical and can be arranged in a style that hides the bald head. When done right, the scruffy style gives you a flattering beard no matter what — patches and all.

While growing and maintaining an unkempt beard takes some work, it's not all that difficult. As previously mentioned, refining the nape is more of an art than anything else. When you first try to grow it will take a lot of trial and error, but once you find the right balance you're good to go.

How to grow an unkempt beard

Once you grow an unkempt beard, you will never go back. The look is the perfect balance between delicacy and nonchalance.

However, if you're looking to curl a beard, we think there are certain steps you should take to find the look that's right for you as efficiently as possible:

  • Start over:If you have less than all of the naturally grown hair on your face, shave it off. That's right; We want you to shake off your previous attempts at shaving and start with a fresh face.
  • let it grow:You'll have some stubble problems at first, but give it a few weeks and you'll be in business. You must hold oneBartpflege-RoutineDuring this time.
  • Get a short scruffy beard:The first look you will try is the short unkempt beard style which we will talk about later.
  • Try the scruffy long beard:If you're not happy from there, let it grow into a long, unkempt beard.
  • Try the scruffy goatee:Finally, if that doesn't work, trim it into an unkempt goatee style.

By following this guide you will get the best results in the most efficient way, allowing you to decide which scruffy beard to keep. As always, use a beard grooming routine that includes washing and applying products with the right tools.

Next, we will detail what the cutting and grooming processes are in general, as well as for each specific style.

How do you trim a shaggy beard?

Trimming your shaggy beard is essential as shaggy beards are naturally quite short. They are typically shorter than a"short beard,"which starts about two centimeters. Even long, unkempt beards don't stray too far from this length, so it's important to maintain the required length.

Once your unkempt beard is growing exactly how you want it, it's time to trim and groom it as best you can to keep its look consistent. To perform this task you need the right tools: aBartkamm, scissors for trimming a beard, aElectric trimmer PT45, beard balm and a mirror.

Be sure to take a photo of your beard at its peak. When you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself, "NowWasit's a nice beard," then you know it's time to take the picture.

Pull up the photo on your phone and place it on the mirror for reference when trimming your scruffy beard.

A simple trimming guide

Here's a step-by-step guide to trimming your scruffy beard for the perfect lazy look:

  1. If things get out of hand, use your electric trimmer to trim to length. Switch to beard scissors as you approach your target length.
  2. Remove the neck with the trimmer and bring the beard baseline closer to the chin. Don't straighten your baseline; let it look natural.
  3. Use the comb andBartschereTo achieve a more even length, comb the hair against the grain with the comb and then trim with the scissors.
  4. Cut away any strays without making everything too even. After all, this is supposed to be a shabby look.
  5. Lean on your patches/balds and blend them into your look. Don't try to cover them up by leaving hair longer around them. hug her
  6. Don't align your cheeks. While some of the cheek hair needs to be removed entirely, the nape of the neck should be slightly higher than most beards.
  7. Comb and rinse any loose hair, then applySandalwood Beard Balmas needed to structure the hair and give it a slightly tousled look.

Get the short scruffy beard style

This is the classic look that sits between the stubble and the short beard.

If you take that normally awkward middle ground and style as above, you'll get the ideal "I care too much about other things to care about my beard" look. However, we all know the truth. Don't keep this beard longer than five millimeters.

Long unkempt beard style

Some may dismiss this as a real scruffy beard, but we dismiss those sentiments.

Breaking the five millimeter cap will not give you a short beard, as it is nowhere near two centimeters. A long shaggy beard is stylish and at least shaggy than the original. Make sure it doesn't go over the two-inch limit and maximize use of your beard balm to keep it in check.

Shaggy goatee style

If you want a look that is a mix of unkempt and sophisticated, then the unkempt goatee is for you.

To achieve this look, simply grow your goatee (over two millimeters) and trim everything else like a short, unkempt beard. The goatee will be striking enough to make it look like you were a CEO before you were stranded on an island for two weeks.

Care for unkempt beard for black men

The scruffy style is particularly popular in the black community, but growing and maintaining this style of beard looks a little different on thicker hair.

If you're growing your unkempt beard like a black man, take extra care to moisturize it regularly, as curly hair doesn't disperse natural hair oils well. Ingredients like castor oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, etcoilcan help keep hair moist.

It also usually takes longer to achieve the desired length, but the thicker facial hair that comes through is perfect for shaping the style.

Sometimes trimming with scissors isn't as effective on a black man's beard; So if you need to replace and just use scissors, that's fine. Just be careful not to cut too much at once. It's a lot easier to cut your hair than to grow it out.

Scrap with style

Regardless of your lifestyle or calling, an unkempt beard almost always works. Now, there may be situations where someone asks you to clean more, but that's usually not the case. They could absolutely rock a business meeting, wedding, or first date.

This look is short but chunky. However, that doesn't mean you have to be clunky. Some of the roughest men have the tenderest hearts. The truth is that anyone can rock the scruffy style, making it one of the easiest beards to recommend.


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