How to Use a Plasma Pen at Home: The Complete Guide (2023)

How to Use a Plasma Pen at Home: The Complete Guide (1)

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Suffering from blemishes that just won't go away no matter what skin care product you use can be frustrating, or spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on skin care procedures that don't work. We recommend learning how to use a plasma pen!

The benefits of plasma pen therapy are wonderful and encourage long lasting quality results. Plasma pen therapy stimulates the production of elastin and collagen to replenish the skin for a youthful complexion. Using a plasma pen can be more than just an anti-aging tool!

But before we dive into all the benefits of fibroblast plasma pen therapy, let's see how you can get started with a plasma pen!

Is it worth it to learn how to use a plasma pen at home?

It is common to have questions and concerns about the use of a plasma pen. We are here to assuage any discomfort with valuable information about the plasma pen procedure, such as safety and efficacy. Read more about the benefits of using a plasma pen at home below!

It is safe?

incorporationPlasma Pen Safetyit is crucial to avoid potential risks that can come with treatment. ButWho should not use plasma pen therapy??

Assessing your skin type before starting treatment is one of the most important steps in preventing serious problems such as hyperpigmentation, scarring, and hypopigmentation. The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale is an excellent tool to determine if you are an ideal candidate for treatment. For example, types IV, V, and VI are not ideal candidates because of their potential for skin damage from treatment.

The risks of the plasma pen are avoidable. Evaluate skin type for safe treatment and incorporate quality aftercare procedures. The skin is sensitive after the treatment and goes through a healing process that gives excellent results after its full recovery. During this skin healing period, careful skin treatment is detrimental to prevent skin damage and achieve the best plasma pen treatment results.

In general, at-home plasma pen treatment is safe when the skin is ideal for treatment and procedures are followed correctly. To better understand how to promote safe practices, keep readingAvoid Plasma Pen Mistakes.

It is effective?

HeAdvantages of the plasma penthey are remarkable for treating blemishes!

Have a lookPlasma pen before and after photos, you can see what's in store for you (and your skin!) with an at-home plasma pen treatment. Improves elasticity and rejuvenates the skin, fighting wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. ButHow does the plasma pen work??

The plasma pen stimulates the production of collagen and elastin through micro burns on the skin. To do this, electrical energy is converted into nitrogen, which comes into contact with oxygen through the probe of the pen. When oxygen and nitrogen intertwine, a plasma arc is created and discharged into the epidermis, or top layer of the skin.

This is what is possible...

Fibroblast Plasma Pen Therapy's capabilities refine numerous benefits thanks to its versatility in treating a variety of skin blemishes. Your homemade plasma pen can do it allPlasma Pen Neck Stretch,Plasma Pen Breast Lift,Plasma Pen Lip Rotation,Striae with plasma pen, YRemoval of birthmarks with a plasma pen!

How to use a plasma pen at home: step by step guide

If you want to know how to properly use a plasma pen, you should follow these steps for best results. From getting the best at-home plasma pen to quality aftercare, find out what they are below!

First up: get your take-home Fibroblast Plasma Pen from Dermavel

If you have seen local vendorsPlasma Pen Treatment CostsDo you know that in practice, plasma pen therapy can lead to hundreds and thousands? WantBuy plasma penTreatments at affordable prices? Then you need the Dermavel Fibroblast Plasma Pen to take home!

our swarmPlasma Pen Reviewsand satisfied customers testify to the effectiveness of home treatment with our high-quality fibroblast pen. The versatile tool can treat numerous blemishes, including age spots and crow's feet. So add the ultimate in skin restoration for a healthy, youthful glow to your skin care routine with Dermavel's At-Home Plasma Pen to achieve the skin goals you've always dreamed of.

Make sure your skin is ideal for treatment

As mentioned above, it is important to check that your skin is suitable for treatment to avoid possible skin damage. Use the Fitzpatrick scale to assess your skin type.

If you are labeled Type I, Type II, or Type III, you are an ideal candidate for plasma pen therapy. However, apart from these safe skin types, Type IV, Type V and Type VI are not suitable for plasma pen treatment as they have a significant risk of skin damage such as hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation and possible scars.

Prepare the target area

Before beginning treatment, remove any makeup or layered skin care products such as moisturizers or sunscreen on the skin. Use an alcohol-free cleanser on the skin, then gently pat dry with a clean washcloth.

Outline the treatment area

Because it is easy to get carried away or overlook an area, we recommend outlining the desired treatment area. Then, for best results and efficiency, stay within the outlined area and use it as a guide during treatment.

Start with a light setup

Plasma pen treatment beginners should always start with an easy setup. This is highly recommended to assess the relationshipplasma pen pain, which can vary from painless to mild or moderate depending on the area or individual tolerance. It is also necessary to determine if a light setting is appropriate to do the job.

Sometimes a higher setting is required. We recommend changing the setting to the lightest setting after initial evaluation.

start treatment

Perform treatment in a well-lit area to obtain a clear view of the outlined treatment area.

Make sure the pen does not touch the skin. Keep 1-2mm away from the skin. Then start the treatment with a steady hand.

Use vertical or horizontal lines to make short, continuous punctures into the skin. As a helpful guide, start from one point of the outlined area to the other. It can act as a start and end point for each new line. As a result, you will notice that small dots appear on the treated area. And then, after you've gone over the outlined area, you're done with the treatment.

Integrate quality aftercare

We'll discuss this in more detail below, but the inclusion of quality follow-up care is one of the biggest contributors to treatment success.

After treatment, the skin heals and is vulnerable to infection and damage. With our tips for quality aftercare, you can not only prevent skin damage, but also speed up the healing process and promote better post-treatment results.

Determine if more treatments are needed

So,How long do the results of the plasma pen last??

A few factors may determine how long your plasma pen results last and whether you need further treatment.

The severity of your skin blemish concern determines whether you need just one treatment or multiple treatments to get the desired results. Additionally, quality aftercare after treatment can promote better outcomes, which means fewer treatments required. And of course, incorporating lifestyle changes and protecting the skin barrier from further damage once the plasma pen treatment ends is crucial to avoiding additional treatments.

In general, results from the plasma pen typically last 1-2 years after all necessary treatments are completed.

Using the plasma pen is only half the battle...

It doesn't matterHow many plasma pen treatments?are necessary, you should always follow up with quality aftercare. The skin is very susceptible to damage duringPlasma Pen Healing Process. SaberHow long does it take to heal the plasma plume?Treatment can be helpful in understanding the process and what it will be like for you.

the fillingPlasma Pen Aftercare Products. Since the skin is sensitive after the treatment, only selected care products can be applied to support the skin's healing process, such as Vaseline. Other products may contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that irritate and inflame the skin. This increases the risk of infection, delays the healing process, and can affect the quality of the results.

Some common "no-nos" areUsing makeup after the plasma penTreatment. Makeup can accumulate bacteria and increase the risk of infection. After a month of follow-up treatment, makeup can be applied liberally to the skin. Finally,Washing your face after the plasma pen.Treatment.

Regarding washing your face after the treatment, please avoid warm water on the skin for 3-5 days after the plasma pen treatment. Use gentle strokes when washing your face to prevent premature removal of scabs. To dry skin, pat gently with a clean towel.

Final Thoughts on Using a Plasma Pen at Home

Don't break the bank buying treatments from plasma pen treatment office providers. Instead, save money and get the great benefits of fibroblast plasma therapy at home with Dermavel's plasma pen.

With theThe best plasma pen reviews.To the credit, our satisfied customers have achieved the youthful complexion they've always wanted, and you can too! So address all your blemishes by learning how to use a plasma pen. And don't skimp on buying the best quality home plasma pen at Dermavel!

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