SSS, PhilHealth PAGIBIG, and DOLE Compliance - POWERMAX Consulting Group Inc. (2023)

Selected speakers:
Attorney Rosalyn Ruth S. Publicity
Mitglied, Quisumbing Torres Dispute Resolution Practice Group

Attorney Patricio Henry D. Salazar
Senior Associate, Quisumbing Torres Labor Practice Group

March 23, 2023
14:00 – 17:00
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Early bird price Php 1,399.00 + VAT until March 16, 2023
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Includes a two-part webinar session and a digital certificate
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Compliance with SSS, PHILHEALTH, PAG-IBIG FUND and DOLE regulations


Is your company or business fully compliant with SSS, PHILHEALTH, PAGIBIG and DOLE regulations? How do you deal with the various problems that frequently arise? Do you know best practices? Don't leave anything to chance. Join this important webinar and stay up to date with the latest updates.

course content

  1. membership
  2. transfers and reports
  3. Benefits and Documents
  4. Loans, payments and reports


  1. membership
  2. transfers and reports
  3. Benefits and Documents
  4. Loans, payments and reports


  1. membership
  2. transfers and reports
  3. Benefits and Documents


  1. Minimum Terms of Employment
  2. Employment-Related Reports

Selected speaker:Attorney Rosalyn Ruth S. Publicity

Rosalyn Ruth Anuncio is a member of the Quisumbing Torres Employment Practice Group and the Health and Life Sciences Industry Group. Rosalyn advises clients on general employment law matters, with a particular focus on matters related to labor law compliance, labor relations, transfer and termination of employment, and labor disputes. Before joining Quisumbing Torres, he worked in a law firm specializing in maritime labor law.

Participates as a speaker and presenter at local seminars and conferences on employment-related issues. She is currently Vice Chair of the Industrial Relations and Labor Policy Reform Committee of the Philippine People Management Association.


Rosalyn's practice focuses on general labor matters, labor law compliance and labor disputes, including those relating to termination of employment, employee transfers, review of work-related documents and labor-union relations.


  • Philippine Integrated Bar Association - Member
  • International Bar Association – Member
  • People Management Association of the Philippines - Vice President,
    Labor Policy and Industrial Relations Reform Committee


  • Filipinas (2016)


  • University of the Philippines, College of Law (JD) (2015)
  • University of the Philippines (BA in Broadcast Communications) (2011)

Ahe isAGrammes

  • English
  • filipino

Selected speaker:Attorney Patricio Henry D. Salazar

Patrick Henry Salazar is a Senior Associate in the Quisumbing Torres Employment Practice Group and the Health and Life Sciences Industry Group. He has eight years of experience advising clients on general employment law matters. He graduated top of his class from the University of the Philippines College of Law and placed 6th in the 2012 bar exams.

practice focus

Patrick's practice focuses on collective bargaining, compliance with labor standards, termination procedures and reviewing various labor records. He also deals with labor law matters. His practice spans diverse industries including healthcare, consumer and retail, industrial, manufacturing, transportation and technology, media and telecom.

professional associations and memberships

  • Philippine Integrated Bar Association - Member
  • International Bar Association – Member


  • Filipinas (2013)


  • University of the Philippines (JD) (2012)
  • University of Santo Tomás (A.B. Legal Management) (2008)


  • English
  • filipino

home workout

We can provide in-house training for your organization on the above SSS, PHILHEALTH, PAG-IBIG-FUND and DOLE compliance program to make it more customized to your needs. Likewise, we can run other programs on Human Resources or RR.HH.

Likewise, with our pool of experienced Filipino trainers or speakers, training consultants and facilitators, we can run other employee development programs for your employees, tailored to your preferences:


  • Basic und Advanced HR
  • Recruitment or selection of talent
  • Induction
  • training or learning and development
  • work evaluation
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits


  • Labor law 101
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • company policy
  • discipline of employees
  • administrative hearing
  • job placement


  • property taxation
  • All about VAT
  • withholding taxes
  • tax notice
  • percentage tax
  • Legal strategies for tax reduction
  • Management of the B.I.R. Test
  • wage tax for employees


  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping
  • understand financial statements
  • Strengthen your accounting systems
  • Internal control
  • Accounting for non-accountants
  • Finance for non-finance professionals


  • Introduction to materials management
  • warehouse management
  • inventory planning and control
  • Modern shopping
  • Management of Reserves


  • Fundamental leadership and managerial excellence
  • Supervisor leadership development
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • How to bring out the best in people


  • Awaken the sales champion in you
  • professional sale
  • How to deal with objections
  • 39 ways to close more sales


  • Customer service
  • Telephone and email etiquette
  • The best collection improvement techniques
  • Work attitude and improvement of values


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POWERMAX-WEBINARE.As a leading provider of corporate training, Powermax currently offers live webinars designed to give you concise insights into a variety of interesting and relevant topics using Zoom technology. Their goal is to discover the latest updates, best practices, useful strategies and tactics, and/or practical tips and techniques to not only broaden your horizons, but also to equip you with essential knowledge and skills. Hopefully this will also encourage you to register for the other Powermax webinars. Just visit our site –www.powermax.phto view our other webinars.


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  1. definitions of terms
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Powermax Advisory Group. If you require a digital copy, we can take a picture of it and send you a copy online. However, if you would like the physical copy delivered to your office, you can arrange and pay for a local courier such as Lalamove or Grab Express.

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(b) For speakers willing to share their presentation materials

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Powermax cannot guarantee that each webinar's presentation materials will be shared or pre-shared or be identical to the speaker's PPT file.

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  9. Certificates are only delivered to ASSISTANTS.
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