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The Phoenix Projectis an economics novel that provides a fictional use case for adopting DevOps methodologies. Each of the main characters in the book plays an important role in the further development of the book's plot. Through their actions, the characters help the reader understand why it's important to understand, break down departmental silos, and utilize the three types of workthree waysPrinciples for changing corporate culture.

The Phoenix Project was written by Gene Kim, George Spafford and Kevin Behr. (Check out a free chapter excerpthere.)

The Phoenix Project: Characters and Quotes (2)

To help you get to know the main characters, we have provided quotes from the book which we believe will help you quickly understand each character's personality and point of view (POV).

Bill Palmer

Job title:Vice President of IT Operations; former head of midrange business (middleware).

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About Bill:The protagonist, Bill Palmer, is the new Vice President of Information Technology at Parts Unlimited..Tutored by Erik, he uses his teamwork and interpersonal skills to improve the cooperation between themIT operationsjdevelopment.

Quotes from o about Bill:

  • "Situations like this only reinforce my deep distrust of developers: they often carelessly break things and then disappear, leaving Operations to clean up the mess."
  • "My replacement laptop looks almost ten years old - it's twice the size of my old one and seems to be three times the weight. The battery is stuck and half the letters on the keyboard are worn out from heavy use. Until wait a minute, I wonder if this is a prank."
  • (via Chris inviting Bill's team to his party) "Even so, I think it's important that we get our boys to come to the party. To be successful we need to build those relationships with Chris' team. Even if it's only for half an hour."

Steve Maestros

Job title:Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Interims-Chief Information Officer (CIO).

About Steve:Parts Unlimited CEO Steve Masters is a compelling leader and must do whatever it takes to keep his company afloat.

Quotes from o about Steve:

  • "What's at stake here isn't just my job, it's the nearly four thousand people who work here at Parts Unlimited."
  • “What I want is for IT to keep the lights on. It should be like using the bathroom. I use the bathroom, and heck, I never worry about it not working. What I don't want is for the toilets to be operational again and flood the whole building." .
  • (to Bill) "I'm sick of your Chicken Little routine of screaming for the sky to fall and then happily saying 'I told you so' afterwards. You need to come to me with some real solutions.”

Dick Landry

Job title:Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

About Dick:Dick is tough, gruff, and one of Bill's most vocal critics until the end of the novel. Her idea of ​​a good day is to "beat the competition" and write inflated commission checks to the sales team. A bad day for him is when the organization is ailing.

Quotes from o about Dick:

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  • (To Bill about his promotion to Vice President) “Congratulations. Look, my people have discovered a major payroll irregularity. When can you come to my office?”
  • "My official title doesn't say 'operation' anywhere, but it's the part of my job I love the most. When a company is as big as ours, with so many business processes, so many managers and employees, almost everything is as smart as Steve is, he too needs help to ensure the company's strategy and goals are realistic, and to give an objective assessment of what we are really capable of.”
  • (Bill on Dick) "I've never seen anyone routinely hang up."

wes davis

Job title:Director of Distributed Technology Operations

About who:Wes is impatient, combative and outspoken. Though outspoken and often aggressive, Bill finds that he can trust Wes as a trusted ally.

Quotes from o about Wes:

  • Wes slams the table shut and says, "Just call the clerk and tell him that if he doesn't get a tech in here soon, we're going to the competition." We are one of their biggest customers! We probably should have just dumped that crap heap, now that I think about it.
  • (Wes to Bill) "So we're supposed to be taking orders from you now? Look, no offense bro, but aren't you a little out of your league? You've been running the midrange systems, which are basically antiques, you've carved yourself a nice, comfortable job up there, and get this: you have no idea how to run a modern business.distributedFor you, the 1990s are still the future!"
  • (Wes to Chris) "Oh, you guys don't need a test environment anymore? You haven't really tested your code yet because that's also behind schedule!”

Patty McKee

Job title:IT-Service-Support-Manager

About Patti:Patty ran tricky at firstchange managementSystem nobody wanted to use. With her attention to detail and organizational skills, Patty is building a more efficient and collaborative change management process that gets things done without undue delay or conflict.

Quotes from o about Patty:

  • "I've been trying to keep John's people on track for years. They never follow our process and it always causes problems.”
  • (Patty to Bill after his shocked reaction that Sarah [VP of Retail Operations] could be the next CEO) "Wow, Boss. You don't spend much time in the water cooler, do you?"
  • (Patty to Bill in the Change Coordination Room) “It's a Kanban board. After our last meeting, I went to MRP-8 myself. I was so curious about this concept of a workplace that I had to see it in action. I managed to find one of the supervisors I had worked with before and he spent an hour with me and showed me how they used itworkflow."

brent geller

Job title:Chief engineer

About Brent:Brent is the most experienced engineer at Parts Unlimited. He has a monopoly on knowledge of the company's IT systems, so he needs to be there to get everything done.

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Quotes from o about Brent:

  • (when asked about the salary error) "Now that you mention it... A developer of a time tracking application called me yesterday with a strange question about the database table structure. I was working on this phoenix testvirtual machine, so I answered him very quickly so I could get back to work."
  • (Bill on Brent) "He's definitely a smart guy, but he can be intimidating because he knows so much. What makes it worse is that most of the time he's right."
  • (Bill talks to Wes about Brent) "Oh come on. Brent. Brent, Brent, Brent! Can't we do anything without him?"

Sarah Molton

Job title:Senior Vice President of Retail Operations

About Sara:Sarah, the main antagonist, is Steve's right-hand man and has ambitions to replace him as the next CEO. He has a competitive streak and doesn't hesitate to break the rules to get what he wants. She has a reputation within Parts Unlimited for being difficult to work with.

Quotes from o about Sarah:

  • "Listen, Bill, in order for us to increase our market share, we have to surrender Phoenix. But whatever the reason, you and your team keep withdrawing. Maybe you're not prioritizing properly? Or maybe you're just not used to supporting such an important project?
  • "If IT hadn't caused the outage in the first place, they might not have breached their obligations to us. I don't think we can count on you and your team."
  • “This just goes to show how Bill and his team lack the necessary sense of urgency. Perfection is the enemy of good. Bill, we just don't have the luxury of taking this to the gold standard that you're proposing."

chris go

Job title:Vice President Application Development

About Chris:Chris has a reputation as a "reasonable and capable manager". Bill's IT operations team initially conflicts with Chris' development team, whom they blame for the delay and deliveryLow quality code.

Quotes from o about Chris:

  • "It's crazy what programmers and even managers like me have to learn every few years. Sometimes it's a whole new database technology, a new method of scheduling or project management, or a new technology delivery model like cloud computing.
  • “It's harder than ever to convince the company to do the right thing. They're like kids in a candy store. They read in an airline magazine that they can run their entire supply chain in the cloud for $499 a year, and suddenly it's all the company's main initiative."

John Peaches

Job title:Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

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About John:Often seen sporting his three-ringed black binder, no other character embodies the transformation of Parts Unlimited quite like John. John has been trying hard to do this for yearsimprove securityled to his colleagues deliberately excluding him from meetings. After being slammed by Erik, a board nominee who becomes Bill's mentor, John rebuilds himself and becomes a vital part of the company's success.

Quotes from o about John:

  • "Dick and Steve have every reason to climb the walls:attentionit is not optional. Is the law. My job is to keep them away from the orange monkeys, so I did what I had to do."
  • "Do you know how much political capital I've spent over the past two years trying to get everyone to do the right thing? This organization has been driving information security for a decade.”
  • “I am building our compliance program from the ground up based on our new understanding of where exactly we trust our controls. That determines what matters. It's like having magical glasses that can distinguish which controls are tremendously important versus those that have no value at all."

Eric Stock

Job title:Board Candidate

About Eric:Erik, a mysterious techie, is the quintessential weird genius. Perhaps wired a little differently than the others, he comes across as an all-knowing mentor figure. seems to have studiedLean and Agile principles, which he talks about with an academic air, and uses his knowledge to guide Bill's thinking.

Quotes from o about Erik:

  • “If you think IT Ops can't learn anything from Plant Ops, you're wrong.
  • (to Bill) "Until you have a better understanding of what work is, any conversation we have about work control will completely miss you. It would be like talking about stunts with someone who doesn't believe in gravity yet.”
  • (to Steve) That's some pretty nice high-flying rhetoric, Steve. Very touching. But do you know what your problem is? Success." . . Why that? Because you have no idea how capable you really are. You're like that guy who always writes bad checks because you don't know how much money you have and never bothers to to open your mail."

secondary character

  • And:Operations Manager in Finance, works for Dick
  • Maggie Lee:Senior Director of Retail Program Management
  • Stacy:Steve's assistant/secretary
  • William Mason: Head of Quality Assurance
  • Kristen Finley:"He leads the Project Management Office"
  • Ron Johnson:Vice President of Manufacturing Sales
  • Laura Beck:Vice President of Human Resources, who first informs Bill about his unexpected promotion
  • Nancy Mailer:head of examinations
  • Elena: Bills Assistant
  • Paige: Bills Frau
  • maximal:The developer is suspected of causing a loss of wages. Only seen on vacation after salary fiasco
  • Bob Strauss:Senior Director of the Board of Parts Unlimited, Past Chairman, Past CEO

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Who is John in Phoenix project? ›

John is the author of 7 IBM Redbooks. John is also the co-author of the Devops Handbook and Beyond the Phoenix Project along with author Gene Kim.

Is The Phoenix Project Based on a true story? ›

Apart from being a rare genre of literature (a work of fiction about IT), The Phoenix Project is often used as a guide for helping IT managers change the way employees think about the way they plan, schedule and complete work.

Why must it pay down the technical debt in Phoenix? ›

If an organization doesn't pay down its technical debt, every calorie in the organization can be spent just paying interest, in the form of unplanned work." As illustrated in The Phoenix Project, the accumulation of technical debt results in constant firefighting and an inability to implement new projects quickly.

Who is Agent phoenix? ›

Jamie Adeyemi, better known as Phoenix, is one of the original agents of Valorant and one of the 3 duelists that were available at the game's launch. He was everyone's favorite as he possessed a versatile ability kit that included healing, flashes, and a wall.

Who is the antagonist in the Phoenix? ›

Vuk, under the identity of Margaret Smith, is the main antagonist of the 2019 superhero film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the twelfth installment of the X-Men film series.

What is the Phoenix Checklist? ›

The Phoenix Checklist comprises over 40 questions to help understand and solve complex problems. The questions encourage you to take multiple perspectives on the problem and span topics such as defining the problem; breaking it down; reframing; right through to solving and taking action.

What are the four basic work types? ›

Here's how the four work types can be used to develop performance-based job descriptions.
  • Bring up the four basic work types during the intake meeting:
  • Thinkers:
  • Builders:
  • Improvers:
  • Producers:
  • How to apply these work types to your job description.
Aug 25, 2015

What are the four categories of work? ›

Work can be categorized within the following types of work: advantage creating, strategic support, essential support, and non-essential.

Why did Phoenix become so large? ›

The population growth was further stimulated in the 1950s, in part because of the availability of air conditioning, which made the very hot dry summer heat tolerable, as well as an influx of industry, led by high tech companies.

Who lost their life while filming Flight of the Phoenix? ›

8 July 1965 – Albert Paul Mantz, American noted air racing pilot and movie stunt pilot, is killed while flying the very unusual aircraft (Tallmantz Phoenix P-1) for the movie 'The Flight of the Phoenix'.

Who is the bottleneck in The Phoenix Project? ›

In The Phoenix Project, these concepts are embedded in the character Brent. Brent is the person that knows how to do everything, is responsive to everyone, and generally the most helpful individual in the room. As a result, Brent becomes a bottleneck for all work endeavors.

What are the 5 ideals? ›

Five founding ideals of the United States are equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy.

What are the five ideals? ›

In this novel, Gene Kim introduces the five ideals of Locality and Simplicity; Focus, Flow and Joy; Improvement of Daily Work; Psychological Safety; and Customer Focus.

Who is responsible to clear the technical debt? ›

Consequently, dealing with technical debt in Scrum is a responsibility for the Scrum Team as a whole and as such an excellent example of Scrum's built-in checks & balances.

Does Phoenix have two moms? ›

According to the A scholia to Iliad 9.448, Phoenix's mother was named Hippodameia, and the concubine Clytia.

Is Agent Phoenix still alive? ›

Through a turn of events, Juniper is betrayed at the scene, leaving nobody but Agent Phoenix to disarm the nuke alone. They ultimately sacrifice themselves by disarming the launch and letting the nuke explode at the island.

How much can Phoenix heal? ›

Phoenix's primary ability, hot hands, enables him to cast a fireball that will take up a large floor area, damaging teammates and enemies while healing Phoenix for a max of 39 hit points.

Who are the main characters in Order of the Phoenix? ›

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Like all other birds, the phoenix reproduce by laying eggs. A male phoenix and a female phoenix are required prior to laying eggs.

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What was the goal of the Phoenix Program? ›

Fresh interest in the history of counterinsurgency has focused renewed attention on the Phoenix Program, the United States' primary effort to improve intelligence coordination and operations aimed at identifying and dismantling the communist underground during the Vietnam War.

What are the 3 types of work? ›

There are only three types of work. There's a job, a career, and a calling.

What are the 5 types of work? ›

First, let's take a look at the five kinds of work we do every day:
  • Reactionary Work. ...
  • Planning Work. ...
  • Procedural Work. ...
  • Insecurity Work. ...
  • Problem-Solving Work.
Mar 11, 2012

What are the 3 types of employees? ›

3 Types of Employees You Have at Your Company
  • Engaged – 21% of employees. Employees that are engaged in the workplace enjoy their jobs as well as the company they work for. ...
  • Disengaged. Actively disengaged employees are the kind of people who truly do not enjoy their jobs. ...
  • Not Engaged.

What are the 7 career fields? ›

Below are some common career fields and examples of jobs that belong to each category:
  • Architecture and engineering. ...
  • Arts, culture and entertainment. ...
  • Business, management and administration. ...
  • Communications. ...
  • Community and social services. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Science and technology. ...
  • Installation, repair and maintenance.
Apr 14, 2020

How many type of work are there? ›

The nature of work done can be categorized in three classes. They are positive work, negative work and zero work. The nature of work depends on the angle between force and displacement. Positive work- if the applied force displaces the object in its direction, then the work done is known as positive work.

How long did Phoenix go without rain? ›

In 1972, Phoenix went 160 consecutive days without measurable rainfall! Debbie Burt-Rowan and 118 others like this. Can you explain why we are dry when we are supposed to be in such a strong El Niño year with tons of rain? Where did the rain go?

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Places near the equator are hotter because of the angle at which sunlight hits the earth, travelling through less atmosphere. Phoenix lies near the equator, and so gets showered by the sun's burning rays.

Why is Phoenix called Phoenix? ›

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What happens at the end of Flight of the Phoenix? ›

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How did Flight of the Phoenix end? ›

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Who did the plane belong to in Lost? ›

Kate's toy airplane was a small model airplane that is one of Kate's most prized possessions, being a symbol of her relationship with Tom Brennan.

Does the Phoenix have any predators or weaknesses? ›

They have no real natural enemy, save the occasional basilisk that catches them in time, or the roc who attacks and they both die. One reason the bird is associated with the fire service and used on many badges is because of the fact that it has been fabled to be consumed by fire, only to rise again from its ashes.

What are Phoenix weaknesses? ›

Weaknesses. Iron - Phoenix's are Immortal and Powerful they're still vulnerable to iron like many other supernatural creatures. When a Phoenix is touch with iron, they burn. It is possible to create a weapon from iron to kill the Phoenix.

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Opposing Task Force Vanguard is Project Phoenix, a secret Nazi project led by Untersturmführer Hermann Freisinger (Dan Donohue) aiming to take the party underground.

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'Fantastic Beasts' Is Fawkes the Phoenix's Origin Story

Before he took up residence in Dumbledore's office at Hogwarts or aided Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets, the most famous phoenix in the Wizarding World may have been in Newt Scamander's suitcase in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, the phoenix Fawkes plays a recurring role as the trusty companion of wizard Dumbledore. Fawkes, who ages, dies, and rises from his own ashes (once after saving Harry Potter from the evil basilisk), is a loyal and intelligent protector.

Is Fawkes the phoenix a girl or boy? ›

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Fawkes
Hair colorRed and gold plumage (except on burning day)
Eye colorBlack
Related FamilyUnknown
2 more rows

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As the Phoenix was the light and life of the universe, the Dark Phoenix represented power and destruction. The Phoenix became Dark Phoenix due to allowing human emotions to cloud its judgment. In this state, Phoenix was the strongest, but also an evil entity that thirsted for power and destruction.

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Is the Phoenix a girl? ›

Phoenix is a modern given name derived from the name for a mythological bird from Greek myth that has become a symbol of renewal, regeneration and immortality.
Phoenix (given name)
The Phoenix by Cornelis Troost.

Is phoenix a healer? ›

Phoenix's Abilities

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Who are the vanguard characters based on? ›

Sergeant Sidney Cornell, who won the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his bravery in the Second World War, is the inspiration for the protagonist in the game. The team behind Call of Duty: Vanguard, which launches this week, hopes to raise awareness of the unsung black heroes of the Second World War.

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Round-Based Zombies Finale: “The Archon.” The epic conclusion of Vanguard Zombies is here in the latest round-based experience featuring a familiar hunting ground, new narrative quest and side quests, new Dark Aether story revelations, and the final showdown with Kortifex the Deathless himself.

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