Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (2023)

If you have just started bowling but have no idea how to bowl correctly? How to apply thebasic bowling rules? What is the best replacement bowling ball for professionals? If you have any of these questions on your mind, then you are probably looking for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

As for bowling, straight and hook bowling are the two most widely used techniques by bowlers. Straight bowling is a way that newbies can easily adopt as it does not require much experience and you can play a perfect game.

Since the bowling industry has improved and there arevarieties of bowling ballsthat provide good precision and speed to optimize the perfect hit.

We recommend Top Pick from the list if you're looking for quick suggestions from our review team.

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Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (1)

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


  • Basic:3 symmetrical pieces
  • Ceiling: Plastic/Polyester
  • Recommended oil condition:seco
  • Reaction:Straighter and smoother roll

Brunswick Tzone Deep space is a popular bowling ball chosen by many bowlers as a replacement ball due to its smooth surface and less fraction making it the best straighter bowling ball. The cover material is incredibly strong and durable, plus the bowling ball is affordable and affordable for under $100.Read the detailed review

In this guide, we recommend the best bowling ball for straight bowlers that will speed up your bowling journey.

List of the 10 best bowling balls for direct players

  1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball
  2. pyramid path bowling ball
  3. Brunsvique Boliche of Brunsvique
  4. It was de boliche Columbia 300 White Dot Scarlet
  5. Ice storm Blue/white storm
  6. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball – Peek-A-Boo Berry
  7. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball
  8. Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball
  9. Pyramid transparent balloon cake ball
  10. Brunswick's crown jewel

1-Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Cake Ball


  • Ceiling:Plastic/Polyester
  • Basic:Symmetrical 3-piece
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Recommended road condition:seco
  • Weight: 6, 8-15
  • Available color options:9

Brunswick is always ahead of the game when it comes to making bowling balls with impressive response. The first ball on the list is very demanding and popular with bowlers who throw straight bowling balls.

The ball is made with a polyester cover that ensures the durability of its presence. The cover material provides less fraction, which indicates the straight rolling efficiency of a bowling ball. When it comes to usability, the ball is easy to use and smoother due to its shiny coating.

The Brunswick Tzone comes in various colors and they are all in decent combinations, but the deep space is one of the most beautiful and popular trucks among bowlers. Compared with the picture shown in the store, the ball is really more shiny and beautiful.

The ball is actually a softer cover material and is preferred to be played on dry lanes and is the way to gain control of the bowling ball. Bowling ball is really for straight bowlers, but you can also gain a bit of curve if you try a different approach to bowling with high spin rate.

It is recommended for beginners who have just started bowling and want to put the basic rules or concepts into practice. In addition, the ball is somewhat accessible and does not break the account.

Overall, the Brunswick Tzone is one of the exceptionally best-selling lots in the lineup with great color combinations and affordable prices. The ball goes straight down the lane with good precision and power.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (3)


  • suitable for beginners
  • Beautiful ball and it comes in different color combinations.
  • Accessible
  • Durable


  • Not good for oily tracks

Bowling ball with path of 2 pyramids


  • Ceiling:Plastic/Polyester
  • Basic:symmetric core
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Recommended road condition:seco
  • Weight: 08-16 pounds
  • Available color options:15
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The Pyramid brand is a well-known brand.bowling ball brandfor their brilliant and innovative designs. The perfect replacement bowling ball for both beginner and professional bowlers.

With its polyester coating, it is durable and capable of performing well on dry slopes. Also, the pancake core helps beginners to have more control over it during gameplay.

The ball comes with holes and you can customize it according to your grip. You will need to take the bowling ball near the pro shop and pin it.

The ball is truly designed for all types of players, from children to adults. It comes in different weight ranges from 8lbs to 16lbs and you can choose the ball that you like best. Plus, the ball comes in multiple color options to choose from, and yes, they're eye-catching too.

In general, the ball is really the best option if you want to avoid getting stuck. Also, the ball makes a great replacement bowling ball for 7 or 10 pins and yes, it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (5)


  • innovative design
  • Accessible
  • 2 years warranty

3-Brunswick Boliche Brunswick


  • Ceiling:reactive resin
  • Basic:symmetric core
  • Drilling:predrilled
  • Recommended oil condition:light to medium oil
  • Weight: 12-16 pounds
  • Available Color Options:4

This Brunswick bowling ball does not have a traditional design, but it does come with a unique pattern that is sure to catch the eye of other bowlers in the alley.

The dragon eye on the bowling ball makes it cool and relatively different from other bowling balls on the list. It's a cool design, except for one guy who said, "Gator will eat the wooden track." I told him "it's a dragon, not an alligator duh" LOL.

When it comes to the outer material, the ball is made of a reactive resin coating that actually comes in 4 different colors and designs. The quality of the ball is simply spectacular and after a month of use and analysis there have been no problems with the bowling ball.

In addition, we also notice that the ball is really good and goes straight to the lane, even if you just draw the line in the lane and analyze the direct shot.


  • unique design
  • Durable
  • reactive resin coating


  • not cheap

Scarlet 4-Columbia 300 Point White Bowling Ball


  • Ceiling:Plastic/Polyester
  • Basic:3 Piece Pancake Bullet
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Recommended oil condition:light oil
  • Weight: 6.8-16 pounds
  • Available color options:6

The Columbia 300 White Point is a well known bowling ball due to its impressive performance and popularity in the bowling community. The high demand for the ball and the great gripping power make this the best seller on the list. Although the picture in the store does not do justice to its brilliant and beautiful design and construction.

Corresponding to its 3-piece pancake core, the ball picks up speed perfectly in the lane and packs quite a powerful punch. During testing, we found that the ball also created a bit of a hook at the end of the lane, but still didn't miss the target along the way. In addition, the ball is examined in a lane in which it constantly hits all 10 pins.

Bowling ball cover material emphasizes or would provide good performance on dry or light oil lanes. If the ball is used on a course with a high oil content, you may find it difficult to control the ball and it will become more slippery.

Also, the ball must be drilled as it does not come with a pre-drilled option. The ball offers a great comfortable grip and yes, the ball comes in different colors.


  • 3-piece pancake core
  • Roll straight and fast on the track
  • Good for light oil and dry tracks.


  • hit or miss hook
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5-Blue/white ice storm


  • Ceiling:Pearl Polyester
  • Basic:3 piece pancake
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:Any
  • Weight: 10-16 pounds
  • Heart:bluish white

Like other manufacturers on the list, the Storm is also among those that have improved their bowling ball technology to deliver decent performance as well. The Storm Ice Blue/White is a popular choice for those looking for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers.

Pearlescent polyester coating with a 3500 grit polished finish produces a smoother sphere surface that creates more fractions. Due to an increase in fraction, this will cause the ball to roll absolutely straight down the lane, even if you hit the ball with a different spin, it doesn't matter if it's high or low.

Compared to the Columbia 300 white point, the Storm Ice Blue/White also comes with 3-piece pancake cores that ensure bowling ball power with direct reaction and provide perfect back reaction.

The ball is actually brighter with a blue color and ice finish after polishing. While bowling, the ball provides flexibility and good control over the ball.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (9)


  • 3500 grit surface for a decent fraction
  • 3-piece pancake topping
  • easy to control


  • innate little hook

6-Ball Ebonite Maxim Cakes – Peek-A-Boo Berry


  • Ceiling:hard polyester/plastic
  • Basic:Bala
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:drier slopes
  • Weight: 6.8-16 pounds
  • Heart:blue/purple/bright

This bowling ball has a great color combination that looks great even if you are playing at night with friends or in daylight as well. Two different shades of colors with dots as stars give you another feeling when playing.

The Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is incredibly controllable on cold or dry lanes. It'sbowling ball dry laneIt's a great replacement bowling ball or if you're just starting out and want to play a clean shot. Also, the ball is not recommended for playing on oily courts and can catch slightly on drier courts and if there is too much or too much oil from the preferred oil condition the ball can skid too much.

After purchase, the ball needs to be drilled before starting the game, as this ball is not pre-drilled and you can customize it according to your hand grip. Also, the ball comes in different weight ranges that can be used by different age groups, from children to adults. The hard polyester coating makes the ball durable and reduces any damage.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (11)


  • good replacement ball
  • Vibrant and attractive colors.
  • Hard polyester cover


  • It slips a lot on oily tracks

7-Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball


  • Ceiling:urethane
  • Basic:traditional 3-piece
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:Average
  • Weight: 6.8-16 pounds
  • Heart:black White
(Video) Best Bowling Balls 2023 update - Top 5

Storm mix is ​​one of the bowling balls on the list that comes with a urethane coating and makes a good replacement ball.

The ball is easy to learn and is recommended for beginners who just want to improve their learning skills, and is also a good replacement ball for pros who just hit amazing straight shots.

Like the previous bowling ball, the Storm mix also comes with a urethane coating with a smooth black and white exterior that makes the ball more durable and has a great feel during play. Additionally, the 3-piece core used in the ball increases predictability and improves accuracy on direct kicks.

although thaturethane bowling ballIt provides ease while playing, but you also need to take care of the track conditions. If you want good control of the bowling ball, bowling with light oil or nearly dry lanes is preferable. Heavy oil lanes can increase fraction and you may have a hard time controlling the ball.


  • A 3-piece core that improves accuracy
  • Urethane coating that improves durability
  • smooth exterior
  • easy to learn


  • Not suitable for medium or heavy oil tracks.

8-Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball


  • Ceiling:Polyester
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:Any
  • Weight: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14-16 pounds.
  • Heart:Yellow/Black/White

The bowling ball is simply amazing whether you use it for bowling or as a decoration on an office/home desk, and it also looks amazing on or off the rink. Additionally, the image is placed on the surface of the bowling ball and glows under a black light at a unique 30 degrees.

The Globe Viz-A bowling ball is made of high-quality, durable plastic making it ideal for direct or free kicks.

They are beginner and recreational bowlers who just bowl in their spare time. In addition, the ball is also for experienced players who are looking for a replacement bowl. However, the ball is relatively expensive, and some users claim that the image of the bowling ball, except for the globe, can look pixelated and sloppy.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (14)


  • unique design
  • Go straight down the track
  • Easy to use


  • The image on the ball can look pixelated and sloppy

Transparent basket cake ball with 9 pyramids


  • Ceiling:Polyester
  • Basic:symmetric core
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:seco
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Heart:Clear with Orange Basketball
(Video) These Are The BEST Bowling Balls Released In 2022 | Storm/Roto Grip/900 Global

This pyramid bowling ball comes with a transparent orange colored outer surface, just like a basketball as the title identifies.

The Pyramid Clear Basketball Bowling Ball features an interior patterned core and a polyester cover with a glossy exterior that allows for easy polishing without marring the bowling ball's surface.

This is a true spin ball and offers slightly good straight shots compared to any other replacement ball. According to his court condition, he preferred to play on the dry court and also give a good compliment.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (16)


  • get good compliments
  • 2 years warranty
  • Bowling ball plain and simple


  • caro

Crown Jewel 10-Brunswick


  • Ceiling:Polyester
  • Basic:Bala
  • Drilling:undrilled
  • Oil condition:Any
  • Weight: 10-16 pounds
  • Heart:golden glitter

You are likely familiar with the Brunswick brand and how it gives the bowling ball such incredible performance after covering several bowling balls on the list. They literally know the build, whether it's the best bowling ball for more serious bowlers or other reactions, you'll see just about every good bowling ball come your way.

If we talk about the jewel in the crown of Brunswick that comes with a shiny gold color that is literally for almost every level of player. The ball offers slightly straighter shots compared to most replacement balls.

The ball is preferably played on a dry or low oil court. With its harder cover material, it provides less fraction, allowing you to hit a more accurate and direct shot.

However, scratches may appear near the holes and if you don't mind those silly scratches, this ball may be a good choice to start a bowling journey.

Top 10 Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers in 2023 (18)


  • Harder, softer polyester cover
  • Rolls straighter compared to most aftermarket balls.
  • For all levels of players.


  • Scratches may appear near the drilled holes

Tips for Choosing the Best Bowling Ball for Straight Players


Among the different bowling balls, the cover material is also the factor that differentiates one ball from another. Cover material is the outer surface of a bowling ball and has a broader impact on the ball's reaction, whether it's your direct shot or another specific one.bowling balls for hook shot.

When it comes to straight bowling, you will notice that most bowling balls are made of a plastic or polyester cover that is relatively softer and creates the smallest fraction compared to other covered bowling balls.


In bowling, you will always hear the term weight from your peers or from a bowling ball vendor. A weight can decide how the bowling balls will roll with control, speed, and precision in a specific direction.

A basic rule of thumb shows that nobowling ball weightmust be greater than 10% of the bowler's weight, this means the bowling ball does not exceed more than 10% of his body weight, ie a 16 pound bowling ball for a 160 pound man.

track condition

Oil or Dry are the two most common lane conditions in bowling and also affect game performance.

Each bowling ball is designed for specific lane conditions, either oily/dry or a variation of both. Oily surface bowling ball creates less fraction between the lanes, the less fraction the more the ball rolls straight down the lane without any curve.

When it comes to cleaning bowling balls, oily white balls attract more dirt than dry bowling balls and require more effort to clean.

Related Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

Do professional bowlers bowl straight?

Yes, professional bowlers also bowl straight in their spare time or use the ball as a spare that usually comes with straight bowls.

How can I be a good direct player?

To play a good straight shot, your sight should be on the center arrow in relation to the head bolt. Also, position your shoulder at 90 degrees and make sure your arm and elbow follow your shoulder as you drop the bowling ball.

Where do you aim when you throw a ball straight?

When bowling, most professionals aim for the arrows on the lane instead of the pins. There are targets on the track and if you want to play a good straight shot, aim for the center arrow.

Is it better to throw straight or curved?

Both styles of bowling depend on the skills of the players. Straight bowling is often chosen by strong bowlers who need a lot of power to hit the pin perfectly, while hook bowling is highly dependent on different factors such as arm movement, lane condition, experience, the type of ball and several other things to consider.

Are heavy balls suitable for straight bowling?

Yes, heavy balls go straight to the lane since most of the fraction is reduced, but the general rule of thumb for bowling ball weight is about 10% of your body weight. If you are overweight, you are likely to end up with an injury, so it is preferable to follow the weight rule.


Choosing the best bowling ball for straight bowlers doesn't become too difficult once you know what to look for in a given bowling ball. In our main choice,Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ballit is the best of all since it gives less fraction and moves straight on the track. In addition, it is suitable for beginners and can easily be used as a replacement ball, as well as by professionals.

This is the list of the best bowling balls for straight players of 2023 and I hope it helps you choose a good bowling ball. Happy bowling!


What type of bowling ball is designed to go straight? ›

Polyester: Polyester (plastic) bowling balls are the most basic ball type. These are typically what bowling center's provide as their house balls. Plastic coverstocks are designed to go straight and take the lane out of play. For this reason, many bowlers will use a polyester ball to pick up spares.

Where do you aim straight bowlers? ›

If you're right-handed, aim for the ball to hit the pocket in-between the 1 and 3 pins. The key is in the pocket. The key to consistent strikes is to angle the ball into the “pocket.” For a right-handed bowler, the pocket is between the one-pin and three-pin. For a lefty, it's between the one-pin and two-pin.

What bowling ball has the highest hook potential? ›

5 Bowling Balls With The Most Hook Potential [2021]
  • Ebonite Aero. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. The Ebonite Aero hooks hard and prefers fresh, heavy-oil conditions. ...
  • Hammer Obsession. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Brunswick Zenith. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Storm Parallax. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Storm Proton Physix. BUY NOW AT AMAZON.

What bowling ball do most Pro bowlers use? ›

Most pro bowlers use 16-pound balls, although more than you think use 15-pounders. Another method is to add one or two pounds to the weight of the house ball you normally use. A heavier ball drilled specifically to your hand will seem to weigh about the same as a house ball two pounds lighter.

What bowling ball has the least hooking? ›

Plastic- This material has less friction as it rolls down the lane meaning it has the least hook potential.

What is the easiest bowling ball to hook? ›

Hammer Black Widow 2.0

The is the best option if you are a beginner. This ball comes with different features, it has enough traction to assist on medium to heavy oil, and a big sweeping continuous ball motion that creates a lot of angle and high scores.

How do you stay straight in bowling? ›

To throw the perfect straight shot: Keep your bowling hand directly underneath the ball and your wrist straight. The main difference between a straight shot and a hook shot is that you keep your hand straight all the way through the backswing and the release of the ball. Swing your bowling arm out and back.

What is the most durable bowling ball coverstock? ›

Urethane– This coverstock is more durable than plastic and offers more friction between the ball and the lane surface. Therefore, urethane has a higher hook potential than plastic. Due to the increased friction on the lane, urethane tends to deflect less which results in better pin action.

What bowling ball has a length and strong backend? ›

The Thrash is the perfect balance of length and backend. The modified “flare-Ring” core helps the Thrash navigate the front end of the lane while the WOW II Pearl coverstock provides enough traction to give the bowler a strong arcing backend reaction.

What weight bowling ball is best for hook? ›

In the end, 16 pound balls will have slightly less deflection at the pocket. For lower rev bowlers, this may help carry. 15 pound balls will hook more than 16 pounds generally speaking and is more than dynamic enough to cover up the weight difference.

How do you throw a strike in bowling with a straight ball? ›

One of the keys to how to bowl a strike is your stance and positioning. Your stance should be straight and upright, with a slight bend in your knees and your feet slightly apart. You should hold the ball on the same side of your body as your bowling hand. Keep the arm relaxed for a natural swing.

Should I bowl straight or hook? ›

Straight bowling is often preferred by stronger bowlers who want to hit the pins with power, as this style allows you to throw as hard as you can without affecting the trajectory of the shot. As long as the ball is on a straight line, the extra power only helps matters.

What weight ball should I bowl with? ›

Follow the 10% rule.

A bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight (up to 16 pounds), which means you really shouldn't be grabbing, say, an 8-pound ball if you weigh 150 pounds. You want some weight to the ball, but it shouldn't be so heavy that it's uncomfortable.

Do any pro bowlers throw straight? ›

Now, many very good bowlers will throw a straight shot at a spare involving corner pins, the 7 for lefties, 10 for righties. Most professional bowlers will throw the ball straight at most spares.

How often should you get a new bowling ball? ›

It depends on so many factors, from the number and frequency of uses, to its maintenance schedule, and even the climate where you live and the temperatures it's exposed to. With proper maintenance, you should get at least 5-10 years out of a quality bowling ball.

What pound bowling ball should a 14 year old use? ›

For children ages 6 to 14, parents can use their unique age to find a corresponding weight, for example: a 7 year old would need a 7-pound ball, and a 12 year old might use a ball weighing 12 pounds. For children or teens looking to play professionally: bowlers should be able to handle balls 12 pounds or more.

What is the hardest number to get in bowling? ›

The 7-10 split is widely considered the hardest shot in bowling, but guess what: Statistically, it's not! According to a fascinating statistical analysis of professional bowlers' scores since 2003, the hardest shot in bowling is actually the 4-6-7-9-10 split, also known in bowling lingo as a “Greek Church”.

What does 5000 grit do to a bowling ball? ›

5000 Grit will take the least amount of surface off a bowling ball. It will make the ball hook downlane later, allowing for a bigger backend reaction.

What bowling average do you need to go pro? ›

Generally, you should have a regular average of 200 or better. Each tournament has different rules, which can include a minimum score average over a minimum number of games. You'll research each competition individually, but reaching a 200 average is a good goal to strive for as you practice.

What is the average mph for bowling for Pro bowlers? ›

Most Pro Bowlers will release the ball anywhere from 20-22 mph at the release point and will impact the pins at 17 or 18 mph. By delivering the ball faster than this speed range, the Pro Bowler is in danger of less than optimum pin carry. The same is true with a ball speed less than 16 mph at impact with the pins.

Are heavier bowls better? ›

It is recommended that you should choose the heaviest and largest bowl you can handle comfortably. This is because smaller and lighter bowls can often require more effort to deliver and can be moved easily when knocked by another bowl.

What bowling shot does not curve? ›

The straight shot is exactly what its name implies except that it is rolled down the alley slightly off center in order to hit the first pin at an advantageous angle. The hook shot consistently beats other shots in producing strikes.

Does ball size matter in bowling? ›

For years professional bowlers and amateurs alike have said smaller balls hook more, or can go deeper into the pocket and as a result will carry better. There has been equal amount of talk about larger balls. Bowlers have said that larger balls hit better or that larger balls make the pins fly more.

Does pin distance matter bowling ball? ›

Pin-to-PAP distance is one of the dozens of factors that can affect the on-lane motion of a bowling ball.

Which is harder 5 pin or 10 pin bowling? ›

10 Pin Bowling – The Original Game

10 Pin Bowling is the original bowling game. In the past, the game used to be more difficult to play due to poorer production quality of balls. It's also worth noting that the size of the ball is bigger and therefore the ball is slightly heavier than the balls in the five-pin version.

Should I drill my bowling ball pin up or pin down? ›

Pin down layouts give you a slower, more controllable overall ball reaction. If you're bowling on a flat pattern, you might want to start with a pin down ball and maintain a straighter angle, because it's smoother.

What is the best ball to learn to hook with? ›

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Balls come in as the best bowling ball for beginner or entry level bowlers! The Rhinos have been around for a very long time and it is not a coincidence. The Rhinos are a predictable hooking bowling ball meant for any lane condition with their reactive coverstock.

What is the best size bowling ball? ›

As a general bowling rule, the best bowling ball should weigh around 10% of your body weight, up to 160 pounds. If you weigh 200 pounds, it won't make much sense for you to bowl with an 8-pound bowling wall because it might feel ridiculously light to you.

Do heavier bowling balls hit harder? ›

The heavier the ball the more hitting power and driving power, and the more pin action. The lighter the ball, the more concern bowlers had about deflection. It shouldn't come as a surprise then that in the '80s and '90s, bowling ball companies were said to be producing three 16-pound balls for every one 15-pound ball.

What is a dead bowling ball? ›

Bowling ball death describes the loss of performance of a high performance bowling ball where it no longer reacts on the lanes as it did out of the box. You will see a noticeable loss in performance and ball reaction from your bowling ball when a bowling ball has died.

How do you know if a bowling ball is strong? ›

A stronger bowling ball hooks more through the heads (foul line to just past the arrows) than a weaker bowling ball will. Stronger bowling balls typically have a duller finish with a symmetrical core. These bowling balls are designed for a higher volume of oil, so they grip on the lane earlier instead of sliding.

How do I know my bowling ball span? ›

Span. The span refers to the distance from the front edge of the drilled thumbhole to the front edges of the two finger holes. To measure your span a pro shop operator will use the oval measuring disc/span ruler again. The three marks on Scott's finger identify a conventional grip, semi-finger tip and finger-tip grips.

What bowling ball is best for a straight bowler? ›

10 Best Bowling Balls for Straight Bowlers
  • Brunswick Spiral Viz A Ball Bowling Ball.
  • Moxy Exothermic Lightning Bowling Ball.
  • Storm Phaze III 15lb.
  • Bowlerstore Yarn Bowling Ball.
  • OnTheBallBowling Anne Stokes Dragons/Dragonkin Bowling Ball.
  • Track Proof 15lb.
  • DV8 Intimidator Pearl Bowling Ball.

How do you get a strike every time? ›

The first step and absolute key to getting strikes is hitting the “strike pocket”. The strike pocket is between the 1 and 2 pins for left-handers and between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handers. Hitting the pocket consistently with the right amount of speed and hook will lead to repeating strikes and much higher scores.

How fast should you roll a bowling ball? ›

The information compiled from field studies shows that an effective bowling ball speed is about 16-17 miles per hour (mph) measured at impact with the pins and about 20-21 mph when the ball is released onto the lane, plus or minus one mph tolerance, and about 18 mph overall average speed.

How do you hit straight bowling? ›

To throw the perfect straight shot: Keep your bowling hand directly underneath the ball and your wrist straight. The main difference between a straight shot and a hook shot is that you keep your hand straight all the way through the backswing and the release of the ball. Swing your bowling arm out and back.

Is a 14 or 15 pound bowling ball better? ›

The 14 pound equipment seems to have more length than the 15 pound equipment. There are a couple of reasons for this. First is that it's lighter and easier to throw harder. Second is that lighter balls tend to have higher RG core designs.

Is it better to bowl with a heavier ball? ›

Follow the 10% rule. A bowling ball should weigh 10 percent of your body weight (up to 16 pounds), which means you really shouldn't be grabbing, say, an 8-pound ball if you weigh 150 pounds. You want some weight to the ball, but it shouldn't be so heavy that it's uncomfortable.

Can you bowl a 300 throwing straight? ›

Learning to bowl a hook is also a good idea, as the angle to the pocket helps greatly in striking consistently. This is not required, however, as 300 games have been thrown by bowler who throw a straight ball.

What is considered a good bowling average? ›

A beginner bowler usually averages between 50-70 points in their first game while someone who is average can score between the range of 130-150. Those that are pretty good at bowling can get up to 200 points during their game. At this point you're starting to reach professional level bowling as well.

How do you hit 6 fast in bowling? ›

Keep your stance comfortable and relaxed.

Turn your head toward the bowler, bend slightly forward from your hips, and keep your torso straight. Put your weight on the balls of your feet so you can quickly react to the ball. Keep your shoulders straight, and don't let them drop as you swing.

What weight ball do most bowlers use? ›

Most pro bowlers use 16-pound balls, although more than you think use 15-pounders. Another method is to add one or two pounds to the weight of the house ball you normally use. A heavier ball drilled specifically to your hand will seem to weigh about the same as a house ball two pounds lighter.

What bowling ball hooks the most? ›

5 Bowling Balls With The Most Hook Potential [2021]
  • Ebonite Aero. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. The Ebonite Aero hooks hard and prefers fresh, heavy-oil conditions. ...
  • Hammer Obsession. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Brunswick Zenith. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Storm Parallax. BUY NOW AT AMAZON. ...
  • Storm Proton Physix. BUY NOW AT AMAZON.

How do you know if your bowling ball is too light? ›

If the bowler is dictating where the ball is going, the ball may be too light. Conversely, if the ball is too heavy, it will dictate where the bowler's body is going. If you're not really strong enough to maintain a smooth, even swing you will tend to push the ball away.

Does polishing a bowling ball make it hook more? ›

When a bowling ball comes from the factory with a polished finish, that factory polish can wear off in as little as 6 to 12 games. This can change the reaction of your bowling ball making it hook earlier and less in the backend of the lane.


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